The company provides services in manufacturing of multi-layer printed circuit boards of high complexity. Support of projects at all stages and technical support for customers. We manufacture printed circuit boards from single samples to large series.

Types of manufactured printed circuit boards:

  • Multilayer PCBs
  • Microwave PCBs
  • HDI – High Frequency PCBs

To order PCBs you need provide a PCB project or design documentation files in the Gerber format (RS-274X) and a drill file in the Excelon format or HPGL.
Before starting the PCBs production onduct a final check of the design documentation and agree on the parameters of the printed circuit board with the customer.
Quality control of printed circuit boards is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the IPC-A-600 standard. Upon request, it is possible to check the additional parameters of printed circuit boards.
Each batch of printed circuit boards is accompanied by an output control report. Electrical control is carried out for all printed circuit boards.
Delivery terms for prototypes and small-scale batches range from 4 weeks with regular delivery, up to 1,5 weeks with urgent delivery. Delivery terms of large batches – from 2 months.