The company provides design services for printed circuit boards of various types and complexity levels. Ordering the design of printed circuit boards, you get the opportunity to take advantage of the experience of qualified engineers and modern design technologies, which reduces the time of market entry of a new product.

Types of designed PCB:

  • Multilayer PCBs with impedance control
  • Boards with blind and hidden via, HDI (high density boards)
  • Backplane
  • Flexible and flex-rigid printed boards
  • Microwave PCBs
  • Boards with high-speed digital and analog-digital interfaces
  • Boards on metal base
  • PCBs with embedded components

PCB design services include:

  • Calculation and design of multilayer PCB stack
  • Design of high-speed circuits and differential pairs
  • Analysis and modeling of noise immunity
  • Analysis and modeling of signal integrity
  • Modeling and calculation of heat generation

Engineers design printed circuit boards according to the requirements of IPC standards, taking into account the manufacturability of PCBs (DFM) and installation.
We also provide services in the redesign of PCBs, which does not involve significant changes in the circuit design solutions of the project and is required in the following cases:

  • The finished project contains outdated, out of production components that need to be replaced.
  • The finished project should be optimized for serial production: replacement of the lead-out casings with SMD components for automatic installation, replacing
  • replacement of hard purchased components to their counterparts
  • The finished project is made in outdated CAD-systems and needs to be converted to modern applications.
  • The design documentation of the project to be restored is partially or completely lost.

Recommendation: provide the most complete information about the features of the project. Detailed technical specifications of the PCBs design reduces the number of approvals and, as a result, reduces the time and cost of work.