Innovative technology areas

All of our ongoing or finished projects are related with the cutting-edge technology areas. This includes but is not limited to: renewable energy, intelligent grid systems, charging stations for electric cars, automotive infotainment systems and digital TV.

Modern development paradigms

The IT industry is rapidly growing and we are trying to be in the mainstream of it. We are using an approach based on XP practices, Design Patterns and UML notation for application development. Automated functional testing is performed using Java EE framework and HTTP Unit. Our embedded platforms run Linux and QNX.

Strong Team

Unlike most outsourcing companies where the accent is made on headcount, we focus on proficiency of our specialists. At this moment our Teams are formed by mid- and senior-level developers with the average experience of 5 years. Some of our developers have extensive experience of working abroad in international companies.

Personal and carrier grows

We regularly make internal workshops and often invite external speakers from partner companies. The creative company atmosphere makes positive influence for the motivation and carrier grows in both technical and management areas.


We provide a policy of open doors for both employees and customers. Our customers do the same. Very often developers work directly on the customers' side for a better communication and feedback. Therefore we put high expectations for the „soft-skills“ of our employees and potential candidates.