Intelligent Power Meter (Smart Meter)

Design and implement the software for a smart meter, based on an ARM9 platform using LINUX. The device offers access to an internal power meter as well as external meters using various interfaces like RS485 or Ethernet. It incorporates all the technologies to deliver data to the power provider and end-user and ensures the necessary level of security for the data.

Automotive Infotainment Platform

Design of Hardware and Software for different infotainment solutions, some as a subcontractor for parts of the device as well as the software for a complete device, which has been used as a technology demonstrator for our customer.

Porting of Linux to a new CPU

If a new CPU enters the market, the chip vendor has to ensure the necessary level of support for the customer, offering a complete set of development tools as well as at least one port of an operating system. LEMSYS has ported the development toolset as well as the appropriate LINUX kernel to a new CPU core including MMU support as well as the drivers for all on-chip devices.

Automotive MOST interface for a new SoC

The team has developed the hardware and software architecture for an infotainment demonstrator for a new SoC, that ensures a minimum BoM for the end-customer using MOST150 INIC from SMSC.

CAN-to-USB interface

Development of Hardware and Software for an automotive diagnostic tool connecting a CAN-bus with a PC using USB.